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Download: Download Shoemaster V.7.1 13lkjh Yet, a thorough, balanced analysis of the key issues and issues at stake, and of the existing alternatives, is still missing. And this analysis should place the developments of the capitalist agenda in this context of the present crisis of world capitalism, and of the accompanying long-term economic, social, and ecological costs, rather than in the narrow and local framework of a given national economy. One of the shortcomings in the work of the European Commission and the United Nations is, according to the GRAIN Committee, that the fact that the process of the global agrarian transition is accompanied by a new international division of labour, whereby millions of peasants and workers are being forced into rural areas, is not included in the analysis. This is why the GRAIN Committee has developed the Global Agrarian and Rural Transition Commission (GARTC) as part of the GRAIN Committee’s work. It will present a comprehensive study of the agrarian transition and its effect on the social position of the peasants and workers. The GARTC will produce an extensive review of the agrarian transition in developing countries. To this end, the GARTC will review the factors that cause it and its consequences in the countries of the South, particularly developing countries. The GARTC will include aspects of the agrarian transition that have rarely been taken into account in the current policy debates. First established in 2004, GARTC was the result of a political crisis within the GRAIN Committee over the question of how to promote the right to food in the global context. At the GRAIN Committee’s AGM on 20 November 2004, GRAIN delegates rejected the proposal for a GARTC by two votes to two, and the remaining members elected the GRAIN Committee’s Executive Board as the new Chair of GARTC. The concept of a new division of labour between towns and country was accepted as part of the general thrust of the GRAIN Commission’s work, and both rural areas and agricultural production were seen as part of a broader set of issues and problems. This concept was spelled out at a conference held in October 2005 at the Italian Agricultural Research Centre in Rome, which was attended by the GRAIN Committee, the Working Group on Peasant Movements of the World Social Forum and the Food and





Download Shoemaster V.7.1 13lkjh

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